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The Edge Podcast: Marketing and Referability in an Exponential Change World

Posted by Incite on Oct 05, 2017

With the constant shifting of today’s economy and the ever advancing technological landscape, it is crucial that businesses operate from a strategic and thoughtful standpoint.

Jared Smith, one of Incite’s principals and co-founders, joined Dr. Nancy MacKay on the podcast The CEO Edge to discuss organizational referability and how to push further for even greater success.

“From my perspective, a lot of CEOs pay a tremendous amount of attention [to], and develop process and systems around, human resources, finance, [and] operations but often neglect to add scientific method to the marketing side of their business…” Jared tells Nancy, “CEOs need to start paying attention to the science behind marketing and treat it like a science.”

He goes on to discuss how marketing should be something businesses can measure results for and provide good feedback around so the decision makers can feel more comfortable knowing their tactics will generating predictable outcomes.

Beyond demonstrating the need to re-examine how we market, Jared goes on to discuss four key strategies that improve referability and how to measure that impact. Finally, the discussion turns to highlight a number of proven tactics that resulted in higher profitability for Incite’s clients by taking them beyond referability, and into notoriety.

The CEO Edge, hosted by Dr. Nancy MacKay, CEO and Founder of MacKay CEO Forums, includes interviews with successful CEOs and trusted advisors on topics crucial to today’s CEOs. The CEO Edge draws together informative and influential thinkers with the goal of populating the world with better leaders.


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