Incite is the marketing firm for business-to-business (B2B) organizations in Alberta.
Our proven B2B track record, our influence in the local business community, and our relationship-driven approach to marketing provides our clients with strategies and tactics uniquely appropriate for business-to-business environments.

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Our Approach, Our Belief

In business-to-business environments, we believe marketing hinges on three key elements: position, experience, and relationships.


To stand out in the market, organizations need to offer compelling and differentiated value. By finding the overlap between our clients’ strengths, what their customers need, and what makes them different from competitors, we help them understand, define, and communicate their differentiated value to effectively position them in the market.


A brand is made up of an infinite number of experiences. By mapping out and managing every experience a customer has with a business to ensure they are consistent, remarkable, and, most importantly, communicating the organization’s differentiated value, we can build brand trust at every interaction.


Customers are skeptical of what we tell them directly. Building relationships and referrals from key influencers is a more powerful way to market. By communicating, educating, and collaborating with key influencers, we can leverage their endorsement and trusted position to connect our clients with opportunities to engage the right people with their brand.

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Our Community Partners

We believe marketing can be a force for good, which is why we use our own expertise
to help build the communities where we, and our clients, live and work.

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